Do you have relationship concerns, poor self-esteem, depression,
anxiety, school or work problems, or a trauma history?

Our mission as therapists is to help our clients learn to enjoy life by listening and helping them develop new methods to deal with life’s challenges in a relaxed and supportive setting.

As counselors, we strive to help our clients resolve their difficulties whether they originate from past trauma or current life stressors. The end goal is to be able to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

Based on each client’s needs and objectives, we use a variety of techniques to facilitate growth and healing.  For over 20 years, Belmont Counseling has been providing services to residents of Brockton, Stoughton, West Bridgewater, Bridgewater, Easton, East Bridgewater, Avon, Sharon and Abington.  Our psychotherapists are experienced at individual counseling with adults and adolescents as well as couples counseling.  Treatment specialties include anxiety, depression, trauma, weight concerns, relationship issues and more.

Belmont Counseling therapists use a variety of techniques including cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR,  IFS and Psychodynamic counseling.


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